Colocar o programa em execução na Tray ?



Como colocar o programa em execução na Tray (onde fica o relógio) do Linux, no delphi existe um componente chamado RxTrayIcon no Kylix alguém conhece um parecido.





Ola JC,

Achei esse artigo para esconder a aplicação do Task Bar... Se voce usar em conjunto com o componente QTrayIcon do Andreas acho que dá o efeito que vc quer....

Author: The Baker Date Entered: 2002-04-22 ID: 22 Sections: [ Kylix | Delphi ] It is possible to create an application that once run, will not appear on the task bar or appear in the currently running applications window. This is accomplished by setting the Application.ShowMainForm := False;. The source below illustrates an example DPR file. program Project1; uses Forms, Unit1 in ´Unit1.pas´ ; {$R *.res} begin Application.Initialize; Application.ShowMainForm:=False; Application.CreateForm(TForm1, Form1); Application.CreateForm(TForm2, Form2); Application.Run; end. In Windows 2000 the application will appear in the Processes tab. This is also where you would terminate the program as well. Setting ShowMainForm to false allows for an application to run similar to that of a service. Great for applications that need to constantly check for external events or conditions to occur.