Novo Update dos patchs NAO oficiais para a CLX - 3.7



Novo Update dos patchs NAO oficiais para a CLX

Hallo, The last patch was released a long time ago. Till this time I received many bug reports and fixes. I thought that it was time for a new patch and here is it. 1. UnVCLX patches 2. QThemed 3. 4. FastLinuxRTL 1. UnVCLX patches ================= The new patch version 3.7 contains * a new z-order fix which works like a charm under Windows and works as usual under KDE. * GDI-Handle/pixmap usage was dramatically reduced by replacing TImageList by a new image list based on TBitmap which can save resources by calling TBitmap.Dormant. TSpeedButton and TBitBtn do no more use a internal ImageList (for every single button). * Lots of MDI fixes (but still not perfect) * and many more. 2. QThemed ================= There is also a new QThemed unit which supports (bpl-)packages. 3. ================= Zeljko has compiled a new which has font anti-aliasing, Borland fixes and other bug fixes included. This updated library can be downloaded from the completely redesigned homepage. 4. FastLinuxRTL ================= The AnsiXxx functions are a showstopper related to speed performance. The DB components use them heavily and tests showed me that the original AnsiXxx function take up to 100 times longer than the Windows equivalents. This is because Kylix´s RTL wants to deal with MultiByte ANSI strings. To achieve this is converts the AnsiStrings to WideStrings and calls the WideString functions. The FastLinuxRTL unit replaces these function by installing a jump-hook into the RTL functions (works with packages). FastLinuxRTL contains also a faster IntToStr() and a faster Move() from the FastCode project. Regards, Andreas Hausladen -- With regards, Andreas Hausladen +++ +++ +++ Preiswerte Ersatzteile für Elektrogeräte gesucht? +++ +++ +++ Werbung in 10.000 E-Mails für nur EUR 3,02?


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