I had a good ideia of a image transition but I do not know to implement because its away from my knowledge



I am new as in the platform as in world of developing. I want to put a transition image in my blog and I already have a idea of how I would like it to be, but as I am new in this I do not know how to implement this idea and would like some guidance on how i can do this using JavaScript.

The illustration:

(primary idea)

The images change position (going to the left) according to a pre-defined time (it is more than 5 images). But if the person wants to do it manually, he will either click on the button with the arrow next to the image, or by clicking on the image that is appearing next to the main image of the moment. If the person clicks the button below the image, a part of the page layout will change to say about the photo.

Somebody might help me take out from the paper this idea? I need help.
Samuel Matos

Samuel Matos




Yuri Aguiar

Says Samuel, okay?

Implementations like this already exist very simply ready. An example of this is Bootstrap.
Search for carousel with JavaScript or CSS and you will find a lot of interesting material.

Hope this helps.

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