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Alguem sabe o porque que o Ctrl + Espaço do meu delphi que fazia o auto-completar não funciona mais. Já olhei tudo nos options e não achei nada a respeito.




Rômulo Barros

[quote:6d4a3eb2b3=´HELP DO DELPHI´]Use the Code Insight page to configure Code Insight options. Code Insight tools are available while you are working in the Code editor.

Automatic FeatureWhen Enabled

Code completionWhen you enter a class name followed by a period in the Code editor, the list of properties, methods and events appropriate to the class or record is displayed. You can then select the item and press Enter to add it to your code.
Enter an assignment statement and press Ctrl+Space. A list of arguments that are valid for the variable is displayed. Select an argument to be entered in your code.
Note: You can always invoke Code completion using Ctrl+Space, even if the automatic feature is disabled.

Code parametersView the syntax of a prototype method as you enter it into your code.
Note: You can always invoke Code parameters using Shift+Ctrl+Space, even if the automatic feature is disabled.
Tooltip expression evaluationWhen the compiler is stopped while debugging, you can view the value of a variable by pointing to it with your cursor.
Tooltip symbol insightDisplay declaration information (in a pop-up window) for any identifier by passing the mouse over it in the Code editor.

DelaySet the duration of the pause before a Code Insight dialog box is displayed.
Code templatesAvailable code templates are listed by name with a short description. While working in the Code editor, press Ctrl+J to display the code templates defined. Click a template name to display the code that will be entered in your file when that template is selected. Code displayed in the code window can be edited. Double-click on a template to insert it into your code.

Add, Edit buttonsDisplays the Add Code Template or Edit Code Template dialog box to add or modify code templates.
Delete buttonDeletes a selected code template.
TemplatesThe Templates box includes a name and short description of each template.
CodeThe code box displays the code that will be inserted into a file when the template is selected. The code displayed can be edited.

Tip: Enabling the Code Insight options can reduce performance. To disable the options, choose Tools|Editor Options, click the Code Insight page, and uncheck them.[/quote:6d4a3eb2b3]

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