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Olá pessoal!
Alguem pode me dizer como resolver este problema, isso ocorre quando vou linkar o SqlConnection do dbexpress ao meu banco de dados.
E tambem ocorre que quando rodo o programa pelo Kylix ele roda, mas se eu tentar abrir-lo pro fora ele não abre.
Desde ja agradeço.





Lembro que achei isso na Borland... mas nao copiei o Link :-(

Accessing InterBase via dbExpress with Kylix produces error: Unable to load - by Borland Developer Support Staff Abstract: This FAQ provides a possible solution to the error ´Unable to load´ when accessing an InterBase database via dbExpress with Kylix If you install the dbExpress InterBase client driver, you will need to have installed. Some Linux distributions omit this library or do not include it in a base install. If your distribution does not include, contact the package maintainer, or search online Linux resources, such as Some Linux distributions provide all the libraries required to run Kylix, but do not use the naming conventions that Kylix expects. The most common problem is library names with embedded version information, while Kylix expects version-independent names. If Kylix software fails to run because of missing shared libraries, check for similarly named libraries in /lib and /usr/lib. You can then create a symbolic link to help Kylix find the library. For example, if you are missing but find /lib/, you would enter the following shell commands as root: cd /lib ln -s




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